Juma Were

  1. Were Juma was born on 1983/26/December. He started working with Spend Hope from first day 2005 /1st/August.

  2. He is a father of three children. Sudies Guloba, were Alphet and the little girl of 2 ½ years called Kayendeke

  3. Were Juma he first job in Spend Hope was a night guard (Security guard)

In the long run with time he thought of going back to school, due to his ambition of becoming a better person in the future.

  1. He went and studied in one of the catholic University and achieved his first certificate in project planning and management and in this combination most of the work done is in the NGO’s

  2. Were Juma is proud of Spend Hope because without it he wouldn’t be where he is now.

Spend hope gave a hand towards his education.

  1. Right now Juma holds a diploma still in project planning and management which he acquired from Makerere University for social development.

  2. In 2011 Benedette the Director of Spend Hope Germany trusted him with a job of a manager for Spend Hope Uganda.

But before that he first worked as a social worker for few years

  1. Right now he holds a title of a director Spend Hope Uganda. Were Juma is proud and thankful for the support Benadette (Spend Hope Germany) has given to him and the trust built in him.

He believes all this would not have happened without the support of Spend Hope families from Germany supporting the entire project to come to Uganda.

Amina Nduga

Am Nduga Amina, 26 years old, am renting a small room in Kampala for my daily personal life. I work with Spend Hope as a Social worker for two years todate…i studied and attained a degree at Makerere university, Nsamizi branch. Knowing Spend Hope, was through their activities in the slums where i used to stay and more was internet to know more about Spend Hope.

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HE IS called Yusuf Ssentongo, born in 1969. A marred man with four children.

He works with spend Hope Uganda as a social worker / coordinator Katwe slums on issues concerning Katwe families that Spend Hope support.

Its coming to 15years while working for spend hope.

He appreciates working with spend hope at large.